Hands down: my favorite photography projects are music artists. Maybe it’s because it combines all three of my passions – music, photography and design. Or, maybe it is because music artists are also easy to work with. They always want to be edgy, but they aren’t too ” modelly.”

It is a combined effort. Both of us bringing inspiration, direction and beauty to the project. Its kind of like when I accompany a talented female vocalist on the piano….it is a constant game of trust. The vocalist has to have enough confidence in their own timing to just go out there…but enough trust that I am going to be there to catch them when they release their vocals.

The artist in this series is Brooke Woods Smith. And I have had the priviledge to work with her both musically and photography-y (yes, I made up that word…they’re just words. they don’t own me!) So the trust was already established and we had a blast taking photos for her upcoming project. She is beautiful and is just as much a model as she is a talent. She is the complete package and I am honored to have had this part in her career.

If you are into the local music scene, you have, no-doubt, heard her beautiful voice. She sings at the Chumucka(?) Opry House. She is wrapping up Country project with my friends at Coleman Studios in Navarre. Look for it soon! Then we can all say, “I knew here back when…”


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