Jessica Ward Wedding

The Ward WeddingWeddings are always an adventure. This one was no different. But regardless of what is thrown your way, as a photographer, you have to keep your eyes focused on your goal: to capture the beauty and wonder of day.

The elegance of bride, her beauty, her adornment, her graceful moves, her glow. It doesn’t matter that the groomsmen didn’t have their socks and couldn’t dress until 15 minutes before the wedding for photos. It doesn’t matter that the wedding had to start 30 minutes late. It doesn’t matter that as people are lining up to walk down the aisle, it is realized that there was no rehearsal to work out the bugs…you just celebrate the day, the union, the beauty of “forever.”

The wedding was a little chaos, a few things unplanned, alot of love, and much celebration…sounds like life doesn’t it.

Eppicmoments Photography is all about capturing all of these moments.

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