All my life I have been told to hold back musically, how certain musical styles were evil, how certain instruments were not made to praise the Lord. And like a child, you believe what you are told, and you spend your whole life thinking you are playing for Jesus, but are you? Actually, you realize that you are so focused on not offending people or meeting someone else’s musical preferences that you have forgotten God altogether. These songs you are suppose to be “singing to him,” are actually just a performance for the audience in front of you.  And, you are actually doing exactly what GOD says not to do–hold back!

Enter Psalm 150 to my life. LET EVERYTHING THAT HAS BREATH PRAISE THE LORD! Not just the piano or organ, but the drums (cymbals), the dance, the strings–Every instrument…and don’t just play them…do it with all your HEART SOUL AND MIGHT–the loud instruments as well as the quiet instruments! LET EVERYTHING THAT HAS BREATH PRAISE THE LORD!

As I look back on my life, I never wanted to be someone that looked back with regret, but I must say, my biggest regret was not realizing that GOD wants to hear MY song to Him. That GOD wanted me to play music with everything in me. No matter if that song was too progressive for some, or if it looks like (heaven forbid) I mean what I am saying. Some people say that relevant music is just away integrate worldiness into the church and make it more acceptable…but I must say, that if that is the case, you are doing it wrong. When someone is in love, they look crazy to the rest of the world. When you are in love with God, your songs to him will look crazy to the rest of the world–no matter how many cool beats or sounds you add to it. Especially when that songs bleeds into the rest of your life and dictates a life of separation.

To me, I see music as a language. It is a language of a generation. This is the music of My Generation! Until the end of time, music will be the separation between generations.  Only love, forgiveness and understanding will break down this wall–after all, isn’t that what the church is suppose to be about?  And yes, I can play and sing other styles, but that would be a performance. It would be acting. It wouldn’t be free flowing song. It would be someone else’s song to Him…not mine.

Well, these pics and this mp3 is a collage of THE NIGHT OF WORSHIP held at the SAENGER Auditorium in Pensacola. This wrapped up 40 days of community service showing love to our community from my church–

NOTE: the mp3 is a collage of snippets that were just some musical hightlights from the night. There was alot that went on, and as soon as they get done mixing the recording (CD and DVD) you will want to get one!

It is an awesome feeling to be able to walk into a quiet room where no sounds exist. pic up your instruments and begin to create music for Him. all live music, all hearts tuned to God and all people there for one reason…WORSHIP HIM.


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