Merry Miller

So you know when your deadline for a project is THE GRAMMY’s you better meet it!  haha.  Well that was how I met Merry Miller–the most fascinating, intelligent, driven, whirlwind of a person you will ever hear tales of.  She has cohosted THE VIEW, appeared on FOX NEWS…I could go on and on.  She called me at about 10PM one night in quite a predicament.   (she had gotten my name from SONICFLOOd)  Merry had lost her designer and she needed album covers for 5 projects–in 7 days!

This conversation lead to several 4 hour conversations till 3AM as we worked and talked.  Merry is a world renown harpist.  She has studied under the best and plays music with the best.  One of the projects I worked on was Gary Levinson.  What I didn’t know is that when you reach a certain position in “music world”  you no longer buy instruments, they come with that position and these instruments are hundreds of years old, sound like no other, and are worth more than three generations of my family tree’s income put together.

Our latest project together was the photography of her Christmas Baby Album called Merry Baby.  (side note: Harp music has been proven to calm babies better than any other music)   Our friends at Parent Magazine held a contest and found a kid that looked JUST LIKE MERRY to grace the cover of her CD.   Here I met some extraordinary people as well.  The mother of the child was a nuclear engineer and the first woman to become and officer at her academy.   But she confided to me that being a fulltime mom is harder than anything she has ever done!  WOW! Go moms!

My latest email from her was the sheet music she was working on for Chris Tomlin.  Girl gets around!  Follow her music at

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