RUN2.U: A Bible Study Series

ABOUT THE LOGO–thoughts from Robert Gilliard

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When Leah came to me with her title for the new series “Run To You,” I was more than excited.  See, I am a jogger.  Not one of these, “I run twice a year” kind of joggers…more like, “If I don’t get my jog in today I am as unpredictable as a wild, caged animal” kind of jogger.  Rain, heat, cold, it doesn’t matter! Running is what keeps me sane.  Consequently,  every reference to “running” in the Bible is not lost on me.  I really love it when my passions cross over into my work.  In this case, I was able to incorporate my passion (God), with my favorite pastime (running) with my profession (graphic design).

The first thing every runner knows is to stay hydrated. It isn’t a tip or a suggestion–it is vital.  Just as seeking after God is vital for every Christian who wishes to live in the power that is promised us through Christ.  So I wanted a logo that I could see on a sports bottle.  I love the living water metaphor God used to the woman at the well. “Drink from the water that I give you, and you will never thirst again,” Jesus said.   In other words, as we run to Him, we no longer thirst for the things of this world.  At that point I came up with the Initials R2U, as in H2O.  After finding this parallel, I no longer questioned whether I was going to use “to” or “2” in the title.

A WHOLE NEW RACE:  “2.U”As I started thinking about the things I like to jog with…my iPod and iTunes came to mind.  Music helps me forget about how tired I am and focus on something other than myself.  My pains, my weariness, the sweat in my eyes, I forget as I meditate on the music I am hearing.  It even dictates the pace at which I run.  As a worship leader, you don’t have to point out the similarity between what I just wrote and what God does for me when I worship Him through music.  With this in mind, I began playing with the formation- “iRun 2.”   All of a sudden the “2” took on a whole new meaning for me.

WOW! I love when things happen that you never expected.  Instantly, the significance jumped out at me.  This is our second race.  Before coming to Christ, we are in full flight running away from Him.  But when He redeems us, we are set on a whole new course.  In other words, this is our RUN 2.0…or in this case “RUN 2.U”

When drawing the abstract art above the title, I was actually following the curves of an Eagle’s wingspan.  I had recalled the verse, “You will mount up with wings like eagles, you will RUN and not be weary.”   I wanted this graphic to be abstract so that it could represent the eagles wings as well as the wind that the eagles uses to glide.  Beautiful thought: you see when an eagle flies, the higher it goes the less work it actually does; because it is riding the wind.  In the same manner, as when run to God, we will not be weary.

When working with colors there is one rule that graphic designers keep in their back pocket and pull out when they really want to make a logo that inspires action:  Red is an action color.  In case studies, the presence of red increased the number of responses.  There is something about the color red that instinctively causes people to act.  Hmmmm.  What color was the blood of Christ?  What are we expected to do when we are presented with it?  RESPOND!

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