THIS GENERATION: Radio Show for American Family Radio
Logo and Site Designed by Robert Weston Gilliard

Image Message: A heart that has been touched.
Many people have a heart for the hurting, but THIS GENERATION is about spotlighting efforts that go beyond having a heart.  A hand over the heart signifies a defining decision or pledge to act on that compassion.  Or, it can be viewed as a heart that has been touched.  From the giver, it could signify a promise.  To the receiver, it could represent healing.

Style: Modern/Abstract
Abstract art is always considered modern because of its non-literal interpretation.  It takes non-traditional medium (3D origami in this case) and transforms it into an artistic expression, forcing the viewer to look and think about the message the artist was trying to get across.  So, automatically when viewing the logo, the viewer will know there is more to its meaning than meets the eye.

Design: Origami
Origami signifies a conversion from something ordinary (like a piece of paper) into an extraordinary piece of art.  That idea is a beautiful picture of what these charitable organizations and people have done with their lives.  They see the same hurting world that everyone else sees, but they choose to spend their lives making an eternal difference for someone other than themselves.

Concept and Design by Robert Weston Gilliard

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