When your competition gets colorful!

a case study analysis by robert weston gilliard

In college, we studied a case that flipped my little marketing mind upside down!  That is one of the advantages of a college education is that you learn SOOO MUCH STUFF and it just becomes who you are as a marketer.  In other words, I don’t have book references to link you to, but I will try my best to tell you about it from memory….

White Salmon market was booming!
I mean, why not, it was new to the mass market, healthy, tasty and flying off the shelves.  The industry was riding the wave they had created with a successful marketing/education campaign that made their product the meat of choice.  This is what we call the “first mover’s advantage.”  These companies get to set their price high, because there is virtually no competition.

Operating in the “Pink”
Well anytime there is a “first mover,” a “second mover” wants a piece of the action. ENTER THE PINK SALMON INDUSTRY.  It’s bad when a competitor enters your world…but it’s even worse when they jump on the wave that YOU created!    See WHITE had spent alot of money and resources educating the public on why they should buy SALMON.  And, here comes PINK who says “That’s right, but buy me instead…because I’m pink and all the rage!”

Reclaim your fame!
So, what does WHITE do?   Someone has virtually stolen all the marketing WHITE has ever done and used it to promote PINK’s business.  Should WHITE spend double on all their marketing efforts?   Should they TP the competitor’s factories.  Should they start another civil war – WHITE against PINK?   Any effort they could think of would cost them more money and time than they had.  EXCEPT ONE…

There was one idea that was so simple, so cunning, so FREE and you would have probably never thought of it.  It didn’t involve years of educating customers or scientific research.  It didn’t take one billboard or television ad.

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