Taking the Hocus Pocus out of Harry Potter’s Success

Harry Potter has been a huge product success…no one can deny.  The success of this series has been attributed to magic, witchcraft and spells, but from a marketing standpoint, it is just a great product combined with a great marketing campaign.
There are 5 things we can learn from the success of Harry Potter’s brand and apply to our businesses. No, you may not have the multi-million dollar brand success that comes with international distribution that J.K Rowling received…but you can apply these points to position your company for long-term, sustainable growth.

1. A Good Product
Yes, a skillful salesman can sell a refrigerator to an eskimo, but he won’t be able to do it as a sequil or a trilogy. If the product did not match the hype, all the word of mouth advertising would have come to a hault.   Your marketing HAS to meet expectations for it to succeed.

2. Emotional Involvement
Consumers will remain emotionally distant to your product, business or brand until they feel confident you can provide the 3 “S’s” of consumer loyalty.  That is, creating feelings of stability, sustainability, and security. Without that kind of emotional involvement, consumers will not feel confident to stay with your product much less refer their friends to you.

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