Marketing I Like: A Continuing Series

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Standard marketing puts people to sleep, and no one buys anything when they are asleep.”

I am always amazed at companies who are afraid to stand out.  But, if you are using the same tired verbiage and same boring message as every one else…the viewer will pass you by.  This series is about successful ads that push the envelope and get alot results in the process.  As I come across them….I’ll add them!

Folgers (1/20/2011)
It involves coffee…need I say more?!
I love that a marketer took an everyday eyesore and turned it into a smile
I love that it is a warm solution in a cold environment
I love that its so understated the viewer feels they discovered something cool
I love that the slogan is almost a cliche, but still makes you think
I love that…oops…I just noticed my coffee cup was empty. BRB

CoopsPaint (12/21/2010)
This ad literally is “thinking outside the box!
I love that the concept literally spills out onto the parking lot below
I like that they even used vehicles and parking spots to further the ad concept
I like that they got “nationwide” to continue the theme in their ad.
I like that it is alot of impact for just a little bit more money than just having the ad itself…it’s just paint! (12/15/2010)
Talk about reaching your target market! 🙂 lol
I like that it uses a part of the bus know one thinks to use.
I like–even more–that it really does reach people in office buildings looking for new advancement opportunities.
I like that it has a sense of humor, but it really does give hope to people looking out their windows for new possibilities.

BIC RAZORS (12/13/2010)
I like that they took a 2 dimensional ad, and transformed it into 3d Experience
I LOVE that they kept it simple.
I like that their logo the only thing on there.
I like that even though it is so small, you know who they are because they have marketed their brand so well.
I like how the trail leading to the billboard brings the viewer into the ad from where they are at.

WEIGHT WATCHERS:  (added 12/10/2010)
I like that they took a part of a bus that most people forget about and turn it into an ad.
I like that they took a rectangle and transformed it into a 3D, slanted image.
I like that they have a sense of humor with communicating their product’s benefits.

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