…A Thousand Words

So, you have heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Well, as a photographer/marketer, I KNOW this is true.    But every once in a while you see a vision that even though you have a camera in-hand…you choose not to even try to capture its beauty.

I had an amazing weekend of travel. I had the opportunity of playing keys for SONICFLOOD for their New Years Eve gig in Colorado Springs.  (who, incidentally is  the very first worship band whose song I had to learn for the band “Garrison” back in 2003.)  So you can imagine the honor and humility I felt from getting to see this band in this light.   These guys are Christ-like and ministers first.  Their amazing talents and legacy is simply a bonus.

So we are in route from Colorado Springs to the Denver Airport (about 1.5 hours).  It is 5AM after going to bed at 2:30AM.  It is 4 degrees.  Yes, in some places other than florida the temperature is represented with a lonely one digit number–a new and haunting experience for me.

I am in the van. all the guys are asleep.  I have contorted my body to fit around the music equipment.  I can’t feel my feet from the cold. and just when it can’t get any more miserable, I shift to make more room for Ron; and I dump my coffee in my lap.  I won’t lie.  For a brief moment, the warmth was enjoyable; but that was VERY short-lived.

So in this moment I look ahead at the road thinking, “WILL THIS RIDE EVER END.”   Ahead, all I see black endlessness. The only thing illuminated is a snow-covered road which adds to the numbing cold feeling I am experiencing.  Impatient, I turn my head to the right and what I saw took my breath away!

Through the filter of a snow stained window, The sky faded down from black to an indescribable blue.  This blue was contrasted by the black silhouette of the Rocky Mountains.   But the moon… it was huge and bright.  It was a quarter moon but you could still see the rest of the moon shape slightly illuminated.  There were 2 stars in the sky.  one just below the moon and one very bright star above the moon a little further in distance.  It looked like an indian fantasy painting.

As I reached to grab my phone to take a photo, I stopped myself.  I knew a photo would NEVER capture this feeling I was experiencing so I chose to just sit and stare.  I forgot about the cold. I forgot about the long ride.  I even forgot about the unfortunately placed coffee stain on my jeans. But here is the lesson in this experience:
When the road ahead seems endless, cold and unbearable….just look around you.  God is throwing blessings at you every second of every day.  Negativity lives only in the fear of the future or of the past.  Today…RIGHT NOW…Hope and beauty is all around you, just turn your head to the right.

When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained, What is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him?   Psa 8:3

Here are some other pics I took this weekend that didn’t need a thousand words:

God Showing Off:

Four Degrees:

Leaving The Rockies:

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