2011: A Better Man

Last year I spent the year studying what it means to worship God in “spirit and truth.”  What I found was that our denominations take God’s word and (with their actions) either deny His power or use it improperly for their benefit.  If you are truly going to worship God in Spirit and in Truth, you need to find believers who follow God’s word and nothing else.  They measure every teaching by It and guide their life by It.  When you accept this, when you believe it, when you let His spirit work in you…then you will see a whole dimension to life we were meant to walk in everyday. This study will definitely continue, because God continues to speak and reveal new things to me as I seek Him in this light.

I finally came up with THIS year’s  new years resolution!  That is to be a “better man.”
In most cultures there are ceremonies or “rites of passage” for boys to signify that they are now men.  This involves men teaching men about being a man of pride and humility…how to be a good follower and a great leader.    In my 36 years (37 this year)  I have struggled to find this in our culture.

What I have found though, is there are a lot of rules that exist in our past culture that were never passed down.  There are ceremonies that were designed for men but have fallen by the wayside.    My goal this year is to explore this topic.  Men are a creature of “form and function” and I want to know the rules and reasons behind these things.

I can already tell you I am interested in the lost art of grooming practices, clothing rules, cigars/pipes, cars…(Ladies, this will not interest you at all.  You won’t get the attraction to these things–but then you are not suppose to.  Matter-of-fact, if you are one of those women who thought you would get married and have a Ken doll to dress and control, you REALLY won’t like this experiment ! 🙂   As a man, I might not even get them all myself, but my goal is that by the end of this year, I will be able to find the kind of dignity my grandfather had in being an American man.  Our culture has ripped us a part, but then men themselves have done their part in tearing our sex down.

What does it mean to be an American man?

I have my work cut out for me!

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