Okay, I spent years in college and this is not a class that was offered.  And–let’s be honest–if it was a book, no one would want to pick it up.  Matter-of-fact, in college all I learned were the rules of the game and how to stay as far away from failure as possible.

DID YOU KNOW: Donald Trump, Mark Twain, Larry King are just a few of the millionaires/billionaires that have had to file bankruptcy at some point or another.  Anything worth doing is worth failing at a few times first.

What has me thinking of this?
I was sitting at a roundtable with four other successful industry leaders and business men and women.  (I know what you are thinking:  why where you there–at least that’s what I was thinking.  The only thing I can attribute to my presence at that table is that I recognize and pray to the Giver of All Wisdom.  And, as I hear that voice guiding my thoughts, I speak up and tell it in faith. ) As we went around the table with introductions they each told their stories.  None of these stories were, “I was brilliant and made alot of money.”   Instead, they were stories of how they spent their lives working hard, lost it all, then built it back up from nothing but God’s guidance.

You can’t spell SUCCESS without RISK:
Okay…maybe you can, but wouldn’t it be cool if that analogy were as true as the concept?   ANYTHING worth doing has a greater possibility of failing than succeeding.  Otherwise, someone would have beat you to it.   It is how we learn to deal with failure that will make us succeed.  Look at each failure as a plateau that gets you closer to success. You will never in life have to step down from that plateau unless you quit.


It kind of reminded me of the story of Joseph in the Bible.  Everyone always looks at that story and says “poor Joseph.”  But when I read it, I see the resourceful, loving hand of God that was teaching him how to be a leader–one failure at time:

1. Brothers selling him into slavery: Learn to be gracious, humble and loving with the gifts God has given you.  And learn not to tell everybody everything.  Sometimes God gives you a Word just for you–not to blab or brag.

2. Potiphar: Learn to do everything with all your heart, soul, and strength–as unto the Lord.  Potiphar’s love and deep respect for Joseph was probably the only thing that saved his life.  In that culture, if Potiphar had truly believed Joseph was capable of what he was accused, instant death would have no doubt been his fate.

3. Potiphar’s Wife: Learn to stay out of compromising positions, no matter how flattering and innocent they seem.

4. Getting Out of Prison: (see 2)  When you help make other people successful, they will help make you successful.  Human nature is selfish that way, but if you are going to manage people, you will need to learn this to get everyone working toward one goal and purpose.

5.  Saving his brothers: Learn that every bad experience with someone is not a cause to write them off.  It just reveals to you who they really are and what their heart is.  Take that knowledge and learn how far you can trust someone, and build a relationship (however shallow or deep)  around that.   Sometimes we are called to protect people from themselves.  That is what forgiveness is.  We can forgive and forget consequences and personal hurt, but we can’t forget the failure and struggle of the other person.  Otherwise, we become an enabler that aides in their sin against God, men and themselves.


Lets do something HUGE with our lives!  Lets look at failure as part of success, so we can be a part of the 99th percentile that make a difference in the World.


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