BTW: at 3am, it’s still dark outside.  That is the time of day i decided to start my drive back to pensacola from nashville.  I tiptoed through my sisters house and loaded up my car.

As my stomach rumbled, I realized I forgot the sandwich my sister said she made me the night before for my trip.  I go back inside and opened her fridge.  There in a perfectly folded paper bag is my sandwich.   but surrounding it was several other lunches:
> one for Will in a cool little manly insulated lunch bag
> a pretty pink one for Natalie
> and a man-sized lunch for Dad

I quickly grab my lunch and head for the door.  There, hanging by the door are the kid’s two little book bags all packed and ready for later that morning along with warm coats and cozy shoes.   My sister thinks of everything!   I quickly pass by and head to the car.  As I’m pulling out of the driveway, my stomach rumbles again and I reach for the sandwich.

It was in THAT moment of putting a sandwich to my mouth IN THE DARK…that I realized I didn’t know what kind of sandwich it was.   For all I knew…it could have been a mean practical joke, maybe rotten meat, or worse…advocatos!

I hesitated.

Then I remembered the loving hands that prepared those lunch bags in the fridge, that thoughtful person that keeps those coats clean and prepared the bookbags.  It was then that I know that those same sweet hands put together that sandwich for me.  I didn’t worry anymore, I ate that sandwhich in the dark without even smelling it first.

THAT WAS THE MESSAGE!  That was what God had been teaching me over and over all week.  Faith!    Faith is taking a bite of a sandwich you can’t see, but knowing the hands that prepared it have nothing but love for you.

Thanks Pam!  It was delicious!


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