“The most successful managers and executives become even more open and interactive in their leadership styles and even more analytic in their thinking styles as they progress in their careers.”

If you are not familiar with HBR –  all of their articles are rooted in comprehensive field studies. They research, interview and study successful and unsuccessful cases to determine the common denominators of success.

It is easy to progressively become more and more closed off, paranoid and protective over our positions in a company.   By doing this, you:

>  are hurting the company/movement
>  will not be open to growth in your field
>  will become dated and obsolete
>  will pass on non-collaborative traits to your subordinates

I heard Rick Heil of Sonicflood.com used the word “IMPARTATION” the other day.

IMPARTATION: the act of imparting something, or the thing imparted

Let that word be your motto as a manager/leader…but only if you want to be one of the “most successful” manager. 😉


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