It is Sunday morning…. I had just bussed all the way from Michigan to Nashville through the night.  I found a shoney’s bathroom, shaved, brushed my teeth and fixed my hair (or messed it up….however you want to look at it.)  Then changed back into my gig clothes in the stall (because it was the closest thing to church clothes I had with me).  I had breakfast and drove about 45 minutes to go to church with my sister and brother in law.

I remember the preacher saying something about how we should dress different than the world….and since I was the only one NOT in a shirt and tie that morning…well, I guess he thought it’s something I should work on.  lol.  But no matter how I was dressed, it didn’t take away from what would happen about 30 minutes later…

I was meeting my sister’s fam at Carrabba’s. I walked in the door and three little kids exclaimed to the top of their lungs, “It’s Uncle Robert!”  I didn’t even make it all the way in the door and I had three pairs of arms wrapped around my legs.  I had to drop to my knees and pick up Hillary who refused to let go.

“Mom, Uncle Robert’s Here!”  (William)

“Uncle Robert, sit over here by me!” (Natalie)

“Ruff Ruff!” (Hillary, she turns into a dog the second I see her and insists on being call “Chey”)

The whole restaurant turned to find out who this celebrity named “Uncle Robert” was.  The hostess laughed and greeted me as “Uncle Robert.”  I saw people’s faces turn to smiles as our eyes met.  Yes, everyone in that room wished they were Uncle Robert.  But it was me.  Eat your heart out world!  That was my moment and no one can take that away from me!

PS.  The restaurant manager came out and met these three little angels and gave them a FREE sunday on the house for being so good and polite–but you have to do more than that to get the “uncle robert” treatment!


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