Be My Witnesses: About the Graphic/Logo

Leah and I have been working and ministering together for a few years.   This article is about the design-work for the study she wrote on the early church.

In this study we are talking about the early church.  Where Christianity began as a movement. I really wanted the image for this study to be more relevant than historic.  Yes, we are talking about real historic accounts and people; however, the main focus is on how we can apply that to our lives TODAY.

That is why I chose to use a photograph instead of a just a logo.  I found and chose this photograph for two main reasons:1. Stability –  Though this church is probably a hundred years old, it is still standing.  Though it is quaint and small like the early church, it was built on a foundation that withstood what nothing else around it could withstand.  2. The rock – Immediately when I saw that rock I thought of the scripture where Jesus said “Upon THIS ROCK I will build my church and the gates of hell SHALL NOT prevail against it.”–Mat 16:18  This study is about uncovering that ROCK that the church was built on and dusting off this foundation in our lives. When I started, this was just a black and white photograph of a church on a cloudy day. I had to do alot of work to make it an icon for this study.

First I softened the clouds. I wanted to create a contrast between the heavens and the graininess, and the dust we experience on earth. I also added contrast and lightness to the clouds to bring more light around the church.

In a photo that could seem hopeless, with cold, lone structure and stormy skies, I made sure the sun was shining through to add hope and light which is what this study is all about.  Specifically how the resurrection of Jesus Christ changed the lives of Jesus’ followers and shook the world.

In every photograph I work with, I keep in mind that there are two subjects. First, you have the main subject focused inside the photo. SECOND, when you zoom out you have the overall “big picture.”

To bring out this “big picture” I created drama by darkening the outer edges and adding color to the sky. What you end up with is a gradient that goes from BLACK to RED to WHITE as you get closer to the cross on the church. A beautiful picture of how are lives are transformed from sin to light through the Blood.
Because of this, WE ARE EYE WITNESSES that Christ is risen from the dead, and out lives are physical evidence that Christ is who He proclaimed to be!

We are the generation that grew up reading web addresses. This has opened up a whole new way for designers to depict phrases.  In order to resonate with this generation, I created the title in web fashion–all one word, simple font, using something other than spaces to differentiate the separation of words.  I used bolding to emphasize the “my” which refers to Christ.

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