Ties:Lapel Ratio…Fashion Science

TIP: Did you know that your suit lapel should match the width of your tie?
I didn’t realize that, but a skinny tie needs a skinny lapel, styles with bigger ties demand a coinciding lapel.  It makes  sense, I just never thought about it!

I love this science of fashion.  I think because I am a marketer, I connect things that most people don’t think about.  For instance, how our styles are influenced by our economy.

50’s/60’s – Tight fit, blue jeans, Tshirts, slim suites and pants
70’s – bell bottoms, larger collars
80’s –  Everything is baggy, hair had to get bigger to match the clothes 🙂
90’s –  fitted shirts, baggy pants
00’s – low waisted jeans, boot cut returns, rugged. trucker look
10’s – fitted shirts, skinny jeans, tailored clothing, suits return…more to come

Through this timeline above you can correlate the fashion with the economic times.  The more productive the time, the more flamboyant/baggy the clothing.  The more economically depressed, the more we lean toward buying fitted clothing that is more durable and timeless.

We call these people “fashion forward” or “rockstars.”    They are usually closely tied to the music industry.  These are the people that Zig when everyone else is Zagging.  While we may think they look weird, we also envy–and are attracted to–their confidence.  Everyone loves someone who makes “breaking the rules” acceptable.  That confidence is what will make their fashion the “next big thing.”  There will always be a place in fashion for this individual to make new things “cool.”

In a job description as a Calvin klein designer, they required that this individual be a part of the current rock music culture.  That tie with musicians and fashion is interesting.  That is where you will find tomorrow’s fashion.  Matter-of-fact, music itself is an industry that teaches you the rules, but then teaches you how to creatively break them…correctly.  A true musician cannot be worried about what people think about them.  If they were, they wouldn’t contribute anything original enough to be worth listening to.   This mentality finds its way into their fashion as well.  But that is why America likes rock music.  It is confident and unbridled and creative.  What we all should strive to be.  Breaking the rules correctly, is about knowing them first.

If you are trying to apply this principle to business…read my blog on CORE VALUES.  You have to know what CANNOT change, before you start making changes.  Yes, it is a good and profitable thing to be the “rock star” of your industry.

All that to say….skinny ties with skinny lapels, guys–at least for now.

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