What does your face shape say to the opposite sex?
As a marketer, it is very important that I know what makes a spokesperson, model, or entertainer appealing to the viewers.
As a photographer, this study helps me know how to make my portraits more appealing, how to coach models to get the look I want and how to achieve certain responses from viewers.
As a musician, this is a study into what makes men and women what they are and what they desire.

As a professional, studies show that attractive people make more money.   This goes way beyond facial features, and deals with the overall person, grooming, personality, posture.  This study will help us learn the signs of attractiveness, are simply the signs of good and balanced person which equals success.
As a Christian,  I am overwhelmed at the evidence before me.  Science is finding what the Bible told us centuries ago.  He “formed us in our mothers womb,”  and he gave us so many tools to accomplish His purpose for us.  It also shows how Satan seeks to destroy, manipulate, and mutilate us from they way God originally designed us when we deviate from walking in His precepts.

It was 2003, I was working at a youth camp, and I was the lucky male staff member picked to co-teach a “FOR GIRLS ONLY CLASS.”   lucky me.    All week long, Erin was teaching these girls how to be Godly and how to be pure.  On the very last day of class, I would come in, and they could ask my anything…YES ANYTHING they’ve always wanted to know about guys and how we think. Some of the questions were:
> Why do guys like butts?
> Why do guys like breasts?
> How big do breasts need to be?
> Are you a virgin?
> Do you think Erin is pretty?
> Will you ever marry again?
> Why do guys scratch themselves all the time?
> How far is too far?

Aside from the personal questions…the majority of them can be answered with mere science–how God made us.  The answers and questions are not dirty, they are not sinful, they are just simply how God wired us as individuals and put us together to find the right mate. There is so much going on in our brain that we do not even have a clue about.  Utilizing all of our senses, God has placed in us a sense of attraction to the person that will help us produce a healthy family. No, we aren’t to be slaves to these senses, but it helps to know what is going on all around us.

We’ll answer the breasts and butt questions later…but for today, we will just look at what makes an attractive face.
1. Attractive Facial Measurements:
THE GOLDEN RATIO: This is an ancient ratio that can be found all in nature from trees, to architecture, to the human face.  It is a measurement that the human eye finds balanced and attractive. In our measurements, it is roughly two lines representing 1/3 of the total and 2/3 thirds.  Here is how a face should be measured:

> The space between the eyes should be the same measurement as the eye.

> The bottom of the nose, and the mouth should be equivalent to the Golden Ratio. Scientists have this down to a…well…science.  They have calculators and they can tell you if you are a knock out or not.  On a scale of 1-10 if you are 7 or above, they consider you amazingly attractive. 5 is average of course.

2. Feminine vs. Masculine Face

The male face is shaped during puberty.  So, the more testosterone one’s body produces at this time, the more attractive they will be to the opposite sex–because that is a sign to women that you will be a healthy father for their children.  Here are the defining characteristics of the male face:

> Brows are lower than females (key word is browzzzz..not brow)
> Jaw is more square
> Longer chin
> Male hairline is more square

*Parents: this is directly related to diet.  For your adolescent sons, you should keep them away from chemicals/pesticides, feed them lean meats, cabbages and stay away from SOY.   Soy and fatty meats increase estrogen and decrease testosterone.  READ MORE

Since females also produce testosterone, the attractiveness of the female face is based on how little testosterone has changed their face shape. So an attractive woman’s face:
> has higher thinner eye brows
> Rounder, thinner jaw line
> Rounder hair line

Lucky for women, most of these attributes can be accented with make up and a little hair plucking. 🙂

3. Symmetry:
Overall, we are instantly attracted to people with more symmetrical faces: meaning one side of the face is an exact replica of the other side. I had heard this before, but I didn’t know why.  Symmetry is determined when the body is being formed in the womb.  There are three things that affect Symmetry from forming:
> Genetic abnormalities
> poor nutrition
> infections

*Expecting moms…this is all you!  Eat right, live right.  the attractiveness of your child is in your hands.

As men, we can’t do anything about the measurements of our face, but there are other subtle things that women subconsciously notice in their selection process. Knowing these things and how to fix them will make you look younger and more appealing:
> EYES: make sure the whites of your eyes are white. If they are yellow, see a doctor.  That is a sign of malnutrition or disease.  If they are red, get some visine and some sleep.

> SKIN: skin should not be too oily or too dry.  Both could be signs of washing too often with the wrong soap.  It could also a sign of poor nutrition. For redness, see a dermatologist.  Use a moisturizer! You put your face through a lot, and you are gonna have to look at that mug for the rest of your life.

> TEETH: Healthy, white teeth say that your frame is youthful and strong. With the invention of Crest White Strips no one has an excuse for stained and yellowed teeth. Once you get your teeth to their desired shade, you can maintain it by just using the strips once every 2 months.

> FACIAL HAIR: Obviously the presence of facial hair, in itself, makes a man look masculine.  This is about the only thing a man can do to accentuate or extend the shape his face.  But, don’t even think about growing it unless you are prepared to trim and groom it.  The eye brows and beard on a healthy man will shine. If you have lost your luster, mens health suggest using lip gloss or a hair shining product to give you the look of youth and health!


IN CONCLUSION::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
All of the points above are subconscious clues telling us whether a person is healthy or not.  God wired us to seek out the most healthy specimen for our lifetime partner in procreation.  This isn’t the final word, ultimately love is a decision, but this is an exploration of why we are initially attracted to certain people’s faces.  Next we can discuss body shape.

As always, God doesn’t just give us a command.  He equips us as well.
And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.  Gen 1:28



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