Live recording at Coastline Calvary Chapel (May 22, 2011):
>  CLICK TO PLAY: “Beautiful the Blood” – Calvary Chapel 1
     (or right click and save to your computer)

Sound/Mix: Dave Sands
Vocals/Keys/Organs: Robert Weston Gilliard
BGVs/Arranging: Leah Taylor
BGVs/Electric Guitar: James Jernigan
Drums: Nick Pittman
Bass: Doug Merritt
Song: “Beautiful the Blood” written by Steve Fee

You would think that someone who devoted their whole life to minister through music would have all the answers about why we sing…but sometimes I forget.   Sometimes music is that thing that I enjoy, but doesn’t seem worth the expense or the trouble if there is no real useful, measurable purpose for it.

In one of these “question everything” moments, I asked my good friend Rusty if there was any point to my leading worship at their weekly Drug Recovery meeting at Marcus Pointe Baptist.  I mean, couldn’t I do something more useful for them…something tangible? His response was something like this:

 “You have no idea what your music means to these people.  I had to give up everything in my life to quit drugs.  I had to leave my job, my friends, my hangout places–even my music.  When I heard your music for the first time I realized that God never expected me to go without, that he would replace my old life with a NEW, better one. That’s what you are showing these people when you lead worship!”

 I was further humbled to see this group of about 150 people worship with their whole hearts, tears, voices and bodies.  It wasn’t like church.  Everyone wasn’t dressed in their “sunday best” acting like they had never sinned and no one complained about the sound system or the song selection.  There were no “fronts” or “facades.”  By entering the room they were wearing their human weaknesses for all to see.  People were there because sin had taken them as low as they could go, and the ONLY hope they had was in JESUS CHRIST.

If you ever want to see God at work…If you ever want to see true, humble worship, that is where you go.  Every week that they enter those doors it is a BRAND NEW celebration of how God has delivered them from themselves that week. To sing with these people is to realize how beautiful the Blood of Jesus Christ is…how the Hand of God will go to any links to reach down and pull us out of destruction, and how it is only that same Grace of God that protects us from our weaknesses.

And NOW I SING “FREEDOM” for all of my days
It’s only by the Power of the Cross I’m saved.
the KING OF GLORY rescued me!


Rusty and I working on the 2010 SEVEN22 HOME MAKEOVER together


2 thoughts on “Why I Sing…

  1. Wow Rob. This story and song brought tears to my eyes. You never know how much what you are doing reaches people! Amazing.

  2. rob,
    1st i know its late i just got done preparing a message for monday night most excellent way. after a struggle with drugs, prison, and wondering way off the beaten path i thought there wasnt a place for me. didnt know where i would fit in. i came to an event at the church called 7 22. from that moment my place was found. who would have ever thought that night would be the spark that led me to where i am today. when you guys performed it was God s way of talking to me. i searched for a long time and patiently waited for my Gods response. that night He answered and spoke to me. i truly believe God uses you and the talent He gave you to speak to many people just like me. i feel it is a vital ministry in music worship. please keep pushing forward. God uses you!!! we worship and He shows up.

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