Written and performed by Robert Weston Gilliard and Leah Taylor


So what goes into writing a wedding song?  This is a song years in the making.  Here are some of the thoughts that went into the lyrics and music.

VERSE ONE: Beauty of the bride.
The first verse came from a very personal experience I had. I was on a date and I sat across the table from this BEAUTIFUL woman. As I hung on every word she said…the time flew by! She was only in town for a few days and would be driving back to Colorado the next morning, so I took in every moment with her. We had dinner with her family then went for coffee and stayed out till 3am just talking and getting to know each other. As I got up from the table, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I wasn’t prepared at all for what I saw–me–plain old me, but after staring at such beauty, the comparison of my face was so disappointing in that moment. I never felt so inadequate, yet so simultaneously content with myself to have this woman on my arm.

That feeling, was what I wanted to capture and portray in the first verse. A guy who worked his best all day to be presentable…but the moment the bride turns the corner and he catches that first glimpse…It is then he realizes how unprepared he must appear next to this beauty walking toward him. In that moment, he promises himself to spend the rest of his life showing her how thankful he is that she would call him “husband.”

VERSE 2: Strength of the Husband.
When I asked Leah to think about writing the second verse and make the song a duet, I asked her to write about what a bride looks for in a husband. Without hesitation, she said that Seth is her strength in life. She knows that whatever storms come her way, He will be there and He will be stronger than that storm. WHAT A PICTURE OF CHRIST IN OUR LIVES!

CHORUS: Marriage is sacred.
There is simply no disputing that. Maybe it takes going through a divorce to see it, but even people who don’t believe in God, see marriage as a sacred vow that should never be betrayed or broken.  God compares His love toward us to this vow. The Bible goes as far to say that the husband represents Christ and the adorned wife represents the church. Christ loved the church and gave his life for it. If we live our roles accordingly, we can experience what He created us for–ETERNAL LOVE.

BRIDGE: A promise that is greater than our expectations:
1Cr 2:9 However, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.”

Musical Inspiration: A blend of our music addictions.
DIDO: well, we can blame netflix for the mood of the soundtrack…see, they suggested that I would enjoy the series ROSWELL. Within one episode I was soooo ADDICTED–three days later and I had watched all three seasons! Knowing Leah’s weakness for a good sci-fi/teen drama, it was easy to get her to share this addiction. DIDO sang the theme for the show “Here With Me.” WE LOVE IT!

Adele: Well aside from being completely awesome…alot of her songs have a piano “heartbeat” (as Leah calls it). I took that idea and created several piano parts that build organically with the song. I approached the piano as I would with an electric guitar player.  I created several tempo patterns and played them throughout the song as I felt them in keeping with the emotion of the song.

Our Style: (leah & Rob) It is amazing to see how this song has developed. We started with a traditional, wedding, “Disney” feel–complete with 2 key changes. lol. However, I wanted this song to be something that a guy would want to sing to his bride–I wanted it to have a little rawness, a bit of an indie flare.   I wanted it to start out representing the everyday love but develop and grow into this beautiful, musical, fairytale, moment.  Thanks Leah for adding  the beauty to my raw vocals on this song.  You rock!

My Limitations: This recording cost me $0. It is literally a “home recording,” so go easy on it. :) There is no auto tune, professional musicians, or engineers–just Leah, me and a 61-note keyboard. haha. It was simply a demo. Maybe one day, God will give me money to work with, but until then I will continue to do everything I can with what He HAS given me.

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